Simi Jois, a Marketing and Branding professional by academics, found her calling in culinary photography. Simi Jois has always been intrigued by light. Rays of sunlight streaming into a forest; the gentle embrace of light on a bowl sitting on a dark table, capture her eye.

Raised in an art-emphasized home subconsciously trained her mind to engage creatively with color, texture, light, shadow and composition. Simi uses photographic images as her canvas and the lens as her brush. She did not have to look far for a subject - her passion for creating flavors provided her with infinite permutations of expression. Painting with ingredients, pairing exotic spices for mutual enhancement and richness of flavor, Simi narrates her stories through the play of light and bold strokes of color.

Simi believes that her love for creating unique flavors deeply informs her passion for culinary optics. Her work has been featured on MSN ( food & drink), Fox News magazine, Better Homes, theKitchn, Smart Photography Magazine, Artfully Blogging and others.

Simi enjoys reading and has a deep affinity for esoteric texts such as the Scriptures. She loves to study Renaissance painters. She likes to travel and has traveled across the US and Europe.

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